We offer group classes, Private class, Workshops and Teacher Trainings.Our Hot Hatha Yoga and Forrest Yoga are great choices for beginner and intermediate students who want to understand  the practice better, including postures, breathing  exercises, stretching and relaxation techniques.

Hot Hatha class is excellent If you are working with injuries and prefer to work in a group environment over One-on-Ones. This is the place where you will learn functional biomechanics and alignment to help you heal your injuries and chronic pain.Our Hot Barre class and Mat Machine Pilates are Beginners friendly.

All our classes fulfill a purpose ; Transform – Strengthen – Restore


Pilates is a unique, potent and highly adaptable form of core conditioning that teaches you how to “beat the system” — getting a stronger, sleeker physique and a gorgeous glow with minimal effort. It Provides a whole body workout. Pilates classes will not only tighten and tone your whole body, but will also stabilise your muscles to not only lengthen them , but also improve posture and increase overall strength.

It is healing, fun and empowering!Pilates can really make a difference in your health without taking a toll on your body.

If Pilates is good enough for Navy SEALs, it’s good enough for you.
All our classes fulfill a purpose ; Transform – Strengthen – Restore

Teacher Training  200 Hour & 300 Hour Yoga Alliance approved.


Balance in Life. Joy & inspiration in Teaching

The journey to becoming a skillful, confident, Certified Yoga Teacher is one of courage, transformation and self-discovery. Take this life-changing step on your healing road with experienced, caring and passionate Senior Hatha & Vinyasa Yoga teachers Annette Le Pavec , Cecilia Vacca and Jacinta Molina . Over the course of ten weekends starting January 10 th, you will deepen your yoga practice, build your self-confidence and learn the skills to become an extraordinary yoga teacher so you can share this healing practice with others. You will hone your skills in a safe learning environment designed to empower you in your personal yoga practice and your teaching.

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We offer a variety of unique workshops with esteemed guest teachers to deepen your personal practice and integrate what you are learning.<p>Sustainable Yoga weekend + meditation/ guided relaxation

October Saturday 5 th and Sunday 6th 1pm – 5pm Deepen your practice with a weekend of inquiry into the body, mind and heart.

Open to all. No previous training is required.This course qualifies for credit in the Art MontageYoga Continuing Education Program.

First Five to sign up: $195 Regular price: $225

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The very Best value for the very Best Yoga & Pilates studio in Katy! Receive support and guidance to support your growth.
Beginners start your healing journey at Art Montage.

Find the right Membership for you!

“our mat is the ground Zero to cultivating a sense of possibility that lasts long after you roll up your mat”
Annette LP – ArtMontage Yoga & Pilates Founder

What our students have to say

  • I found Annette, and Art Montage Yoga in May of 2018 and I have been practicing here everyday since finding this studio!
    I had never practicing hot yoga before, so I was up to the challenge, and it quickly grew on me! The hot yoga has helped my aches and pains, so much so, that I no longer needed a massage on a monthly basis!
    I particularly enjoy, the strength training , alignment base and fascia releasing excercize,in a heated room! It works magic on your body!
    And with Annette’s knowledge of dance and yoga, she really guides you in a practice, suited to any level practitioner! Wether it be a Vinyasa Flow or a Restorative Class.I must also add, the Hot Barre is an awesome class too!
    This is where Annette’s Dancer background is a true valuable asset, for her students! Once you try the class, you will understand what I’m saying!
    I have also tried Forrest Yoga for the first time as well! And Lindsay is an awesome teacher. Felisa W.

  • The teacher training program at Art Montage is one of a kind. I had the privilege of learning from an amazingly gifted and knowledgeable teacher, as well as being surrounded by my beautiful fellow yogis who I am so proud to call my friends. Not only was I able to expand my knowledge of yoga, I was also able to gain confidence and a brighter outlook on life. Ashley R.

  • I was in so much stress, it manifested internally and physically. Wanting to find relief i found Art Montage Yoga, here they teach you the fundamentals and benefits of yoga which focuses not only the body but also mind and soul. Annette (owner) and staff gives me a wonderful safe experience as well the support i need. Sharon

  • The Artmontage year long teacher training has taken me into a discovery journey about Hatha Yoga, anatomy, breathing exercises, meditation, yoga philosophy, teaching skills and much, much more. It has deepened my yoga practice on the physical and emotional level and allowed me to bond with my fellow yogi trainees. I am really grateful to Annette for creating this teaching program and sharing her knowledge with us. Luminita B.

    Luminita B.

    Teacher Training Student

  • I had a wonderful experience with Art Montage Yoga YTT. Annette (the owner) was very thorough with her teaching. Highly recommend Annette and her programs! Candace N.

    Candace N.

    Teacher Training Student

  • I joined the Art Montage Community about two years ago looking for a way to challenge my fitness. My personal practice has grown tremendously as a result of joining the teacher training program.My deepest thanks to Annette and Art Montage Yoga for guiding me through this amazing journey! MScott.  


    Teacher Training Student

  • It was a privilege to have done my teacher training at Art Montage Yoga, Our lead teacher prepared us and taught swell everything that we have to learn as yoga teacher. Great yoga teacher training school. Rachel I.

    Rachel I.

    Teacher Training Student

  • The training at Art Montage Yoga its well structured and complete. I am very grateful to Annette, the lead trainer, for her commitment to my growth, and honest feedback, and specially for sharing her vast knowledge with me. Jacinta M.

    Jacinta M.

    Teacher Training Student

  • Great instructor and choices of classes.

    Myca Pierce


  • Absolute Love it! Instruction: Excellent, Annette is personable, and its very obvious she's the ultimate Yoga master. Definitely the best Yoga teacher I've encountered thus far. She can also speak French and Spanish fluently. Small Classes: Annette leads you through every pose- demonstrating it herself in front of the class, and giving you enough time to work at it.  

    Misuna L


  • At Art Montage Yoga you get a personal experience. I've been to a few places where you feel like just a number, but here everyone knows you by name and it feels so welcoming. I love all the classes offered and the instructors are so informative and friendly!!

    Ashley Rendon


  • I have really enjoyed this Barre Class, a little bit of everything (ballet, pillates, yoga) yet so intense. You feel those muscles working since the first minute the class starts. I have noticed my body gaining so much strength in such a short time. This is the place I was looking for and I'm so glad I finally found it. I highly recommend it.

    Guadalupe Ventimilla


  • Art Montage is a place where you can be yourself and find your limits in a safe space. Even if you're unsure about wanting to teach, I would encourage those looking to deepen their relationship with themselves to pursue the opportunity of the YTT200. My deepest thanks to Annette and Art Montage Yoga for guiding me through this amazing journey!

    Margaret Scott


  • I have to confess that I love this place! The overall atmosphere is super genuine and everyone  has been really friendly. You definitely won't feel judged here; I have noticed my body gaining so much strength in such a short time. I never thought I would say that about any form of exercise.

    Yesenia Laporte


  • Fells W.
  • Ashley R.
  • Sharon
  • Luninita B
  • Candace N
  • MScott
  • Rachel I
  • Jacinta M.
  • Myca Pierce
  • Misuna L
  • Ashley Rendon
  • Guadalupe Ventimilla
  • Margaret Scott
  • Yesenia Laporte