Jackie Catt

Like many people do, I discovered Yoga while trying to get “fit” after giving birth to my son. At the time I was trying a little bit of everything; boot camp, traditional cardio, weights, etc., but the minute I stepped foot into a yoga studio, I knew I’d found my love. I was tired of the high pressure gym vibe, tired of the body shaming, and the drill-sergeant mentality of many fitness coaches. Yoga was an amazing way to work from the inside out- caring for myself enough to be happy with my progress and treat my body with kindness and respect. Throughout the years I practiced and began to teach, I became ill with an autoimmune disorder called Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis. Through this challenging time, I had to learn how to restructure my diet and find more vigorous forms of exercise to get my insanely sluggish metabolism burning again. While I struggled through this period in my life I researched (and participated in) every fad exercise and diet you can imagine. Through all of this, I gained a wealth of knowledge that I am so incredibly eager to share with my students. My foundation in Yoga taught me to safely teach my students more vigorous forms of exercise, while also giving them emotional support and yogic tools to help them work on their fitness from a more self-love oriented perspective. Over the course of 3 years I’ve taught everything from gentle yoga, to cardio based weight lifting classes, and I’ve loved every minute of it. I love to watch my students amaze themselves each week with their own progress, I love to be their cheerleader, and help them to see that they are so much stronger than they ever thought possible. This work is my passion, and I care very much about every single person that steps into my class. I hope to meet YOU soon so that we can start working together to build a healthier you, inside and out!

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