Is designed and tailored entirely for YOU in every sense. Time, place, and length; athletic rigor; weight loss, injury or illness recovery; meditation and relaxation.

Private is held either at the Studio, or at your office or home, before, after, or during your workday. Privates sessions are arranged for 1-on-1, a couple, or a small group.
Pamper and push yourself, inspire and indulge yourself, meditate and move yourself;
All ages and experience levels welcome.

Want to get started but not sure how? Concerned about diving into an open class without much experience? Worried you are not “flexible”enough for yoga? Looking for more focused attention to get you up the learning curve? If so, Beginner Privates are for you.
With all the attention dedicated solely and specifically to you and your body, Beginner Privates instantly take you and your practice to a new level. You will walk away a new person, and with a new understanding of your body, inside and out.Learn how to move, how to breathe, and how to be on a mat, in a way that is safe, fun, and maximizes the you inside you.

Email us for pricing and reservations !
Prices vary based on the teachers

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