The Holy Grail of Art Montage Yoga is “Balance”

The Holy Grail of Art Montage  Yoga is “Balance”

We all know Indiana Jones and his quest for the Holy Grail. Methodical and tenacious in his search. As one adventure ends, he doesn’t reach for his pipe and slippers; he’s back on his hunt for the next elusive artifact.

In Art Montage Yoga , the Holy Grail is “Balance.”
Art montage  Yoga is all about bringing awareness through motion and balance, to find strength  in flexibility and bring union between the body and soul.

GraficArt Montage yoga  works  on the superficial muscles of the body to gain power as well as the deepest muscles to gain stability and balance.

Art Montage Yoga yoga focuses on alignment.  Alignment is creating uniform pressure over the joint in any pose or position for protection of the cartilage.

Yoga evolves. 

Principles of MODERN technique of muscle stretching – from advances in anatomical knowledge.

  • Fascia on the tight side is release first with the muscle relaxed or cyclically relaxed, on the tight side of a joint.
  • Reciprocal inhibition (reflex relaxation by engaging and strengthen the muscles on the weak side of a joint or the side opposing the tightest side of the joint) is used to release the tight side of a joint
  • The spine remains as relaxed as possible, and remember that core strength comes from a lengthened spine.
  • The intent of the mind is directed as instructed so the muscle will react less, but strength will occur in the days following the stretch.
  • Stressor chemicals can cause muscle tightness

Art Montage yoga  focus is more on how to relax deeply and guide the energy by learning breath control, emotional control and the intent of the mind, while balancing the left and the right brain.

Breathing is key

Strength and Perception improve from release and increase of energy and emotional patterns in the body, but particularly in the spine and connective tissues

Annette believes that our age or poor Health are not limitations.

Strength, flexibility and balance are achieved overtime we step on the mat. It’s the beauty of yoga that helps us translate that to our everyday lives.

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