” The HeArt of assisting” Week-end immersion

Adjusting Annette

Assisting is a subtle art ,it can be profound and absolutely fascinating. Being in service of others is a form of “Seva” (sacred service) that offers infinite possibilities for growth and new beginnings.

Your practice,assisting and teaching wil be forever enriched. Every step of the way, you’ll be amply rewarded.


The immersion is for all students levels, aspiring yoga teachers, and yoga Teachers.
Teachers: Annette Le Pavec and Camille McLeod.

Students : As a student you will get a deeper understanding of your personal practice and you will learn self-reliance to take care of yourself by learning the principles of alignment.
You will have the opportunity to connect deeper to yourself and others in a way you never thought possible. This new understanding may be a bright access to teaching.

Teachers : As a teacher, you will refine your skills , gain confidence,and learn concrete tools on delivering assists that are clear and constructive by mastering the principles of alignment and understanding the psyche beneath the yoga pose.

Please note: Weekend immersion is required in order to complete your RYT 200 certification.
Completion of the immersion may count for Continuing Education( CE) with Yoga Alliance towards upgrading to a higher designation.
If you are registered with Yoga Alliance, learn more about how continuing education workshops count toward Continuing Education units.

From Saturday ( 1pm-6 pm) and Sunday ( 1pm -5pm) , your days will be balanced between practicing, learning alignment principles,and giving and receiving assists.


You will leave the immersion with a brand new learning and the opportunity to have the ownership of that learning including:
-The knowledge on the basics of assisting
– 5 principles of successful assisting
– 3 types of touch
– 3 styles of assisting
– A new light on the gift of assisting in your teacher’s class, and/or in your own class .
-Provide impactful assists through being fully present, observing, listening and giving tools.
– A deeper connection with yourself and others in a way you never thought possible.

For more information :
Email annette@artmontageyoga.com
Call 855-666-8243

made with love by Samantha Vira