Slowing down

Slowing down:sablier1 by Annette Le Pavec
Slowing down is a choice, a demonstration of self respect and of autonomy.
Slowing down is the ultimate expression of an unbreakable confidence in your own skills.
Slowing down is sharing ,and sharing is the core of communication.
It is only by adapting your rhythm to others’that you can communicate.
Slowing down is humbleness and selflessness.
Slowing down is timelessness rather than spending ” quality” time.
Slowing down is courage,courage to loose yourself and Be yourself even if that means to disappoint others.
Slowing down is life. You need to slow down before changing direction, otherwise you may miss the sense of where you are going and why.
You are, and it is enough.

” Frustration comes from fighting your own momentum ”
Walter K.

Namaste my friends

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