About the studio

Located at the Great Southwest Equestrian Center, Art Montage Yoga studio is nestled not only in a very peaceful  area with plenty of space to park your car, but also next to Mason road and the beautiful Cinco Ranch area. Art Montage yoga studio is the largest in Katy, with two light-filled, airy yoga rooms and a beautiful private room studio. The buildings modern design facilitates natural sunlight, and students often lounge on the outdoor patio surrounded by lush foliage.

Our Hot hatha yoga , Hot Barre workout, Candle Flow,  Slow Gentle Flow, Hip & Shoulder restorative and soon Baby & Me, Prenatal yoga classes are popular with college students, moms, professionals and athletes. Making the most of our location, students often ride their bike to class.



How Has Hot Yoga Benefited YOU?

Hot hatha yoga classes at Art Montage yoga have improved my mood, corrected my posture, toned my body, and dramatically reduced my chronic lower back pain. The overall health benefits have me absolutely hooked on hot yoga! I hope that my statement is helpful – It’s true! 🙂 Kristin ******************************** Practicing Hot Yoga has helped […]

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Yoga spot on ” Beginners”

What is yoga? There are probably as many ideas of what yoga is as there are practitioners and all of them are perfectly legitimate. An idea by definition means any conception existing in the mind as a result of mental understanding, awareness, or activity. Which is perfectly subjective and differs from an individual to another […]

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“The HeArt of assisting” Week-end immersion.

Assisting is a subtle art ,it can be profound and absolutely fascinating. Being in service of others is a form of “Seva” (sacred service) that offers infinite possibilities for growth and new beginnings. Your practice,assisting and teaching wil be forever enriched. Every step of the way, you’ll be amply rewarded. WHO IS THIS IMMERSION FOR? […]

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Slowing down

Slowing down: by Annette Le Pavec Slowing down is a choice, a demonstration of self respect and of autonomy. Slowing down is the ultimate expression of an unbreakable confidence in your own skills. Slowing down is sharing ,and sharing is the core of communication. It is only by adapting your rhythm to others’that you can […]

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