Living with our” little deaths”.

Living with our “little deaths”.
by:Annette Le Pavec

We go through countless “little deaths”in our lives.
They arise unexpectedly, in moments of happiness, as of sadness ,and they sometimes interfere with our dreams.
These are feelings, emotions, desires that were brutally interrupted in their flow, solidified and petrified over time at different stages of our lives.
These little deaths are not a source of sadness or depression, they are rooted in the heart of life itself.

There is no connection between them, they are both perfectly incompleted, or imperfectly completed.  Within this solidification lies an invaluable and unique content that makes us profoundly human, unpredictable ,and full of contradictions.
This frozen material is buried deep within us , and navigates freely in our subconscious. It is not gone,just forgotten. Sometimes
some of those little unexpected deaths are dragged to the surface with the flow of new feelings, desires and emotions . Their intrusion makes us extremely vulnerable and confused ,but it also makes us deeply happy. We have the possibility to intimate with them, free from the judgement of others. Each of our little deaths carries the evidence of our weaknesses ,but also of our strengths.

Practising yoga as a meditation in movement, regularly and with full consciousness, allows us to establish a strong relationship with our little deaths , to connect with them and therefore to life. The process of transforming our little deaths into a living matter to create and move forward,
makes us more alive.

Our ability to connect with life depends on our ability to connect with our little deaths.  Sometimes we live an idea of life that comes from the outside  and does not allow us to blossom. Our life evolves fully through our commitment with our little deaths rather than through acceptance or openness ,because both concepts ,implicitely , evoke the exclusion .
While acceptance may be conditionning and subjected to external pressure, commitment remains a choice which requires of courage and of involvement on a long period of time. That’s what gives it all its dimension , that’s what really worth and makes us free.

Through the practice of yoga we have a unique opportunity to expand our present, embrace our past and look toward the future.
This is the commitment of all of us that paves the way for the future, by carving in every stone the memory of tomorrow , and commitment has no room for forgetfulness and negation.

4 Responses to Living with our” little deaths”.

  1. Dawn Stubbs May 15, 2014 at 10:42 am #

    This article spoke volumes to me.

    • Annette Le Pavec June 2, 2014 at 7:05 pm #

      So glad that you enjoy the article Dawn.

  2. Kim Minnick June 2, 2014 at 1:35 pm #

    Annette, this is a powerful article. I don’t think a lot of us understand our own psyche and emotions. Thank you for your excellent writing. Kim

    • Annette Le Pavec June 2, 2014 at 7:07 pm #

      Kim you are right, sometimes we just don’t have any words to express what we feel.
      Thank you for your feed back!

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