My name is Jacinta Molina, and you have probably seen me at Art Montage either in the front desk, or inside as student. Since I started practicing back in 2012, my journey into the practice has evolved into a desire to share my learnings and teach. I want other people to practice, I want to share the goods with them. Understanding your body, mastering the movements you do, being in control of your existence are just some of the benefits of Yoga and every person should explore this for a better living. Getting to know more about this legendary practice has giving it another meaning, and makes me aware of the power of it. At Art Montage I had had the opportunity to grow and I am very excited about this new path.

I received my yoga teacher certification at the 200 Hour level at Art Montage Yoga under Annette Le Pavec guidance.

Jacinta Molina
Fine Artist

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