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The lower back workshop

Saturday, September 23 -2017 ( 2 pm-5pm) In this 3 hour- workshop focused on lower back, you will receive valuable tools on how to release and stabilize the lower lumbar spine. You will learn and practice very specific asanas  so the lower back can become more relaxed and you can get free of pain. No […]

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“Not too tight, not too loose.”

As we move through our yoga practice, we want our muscles to stay engaged and our minds to stay focused. But sometimes we can put so much effort into a posture that it can actually place us out of balance, either physically or mentally. When you’re in a posture and you’ve focused on muscle engagement, think […]

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Happy spine-Happy life

The spine strengthening series has always been challenging for me. Instead of isolating the muscles of my back I have been cheating — using my leg strength, especially in Locust Pose. But the other day, I had a bit of a breakthrough. I finally heard the words of the dialogue that talked about shifting your […]

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“Don’t attach”

In searching for some information on non-attachment and letting of the things that no longer serve us, I came across this blog (below) from a Hot Yoga studio in Manhattan. Just as they describe not attaching to difficulty or pain in postures, we can practice not attaching to things that don’t serve us in our […]

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