Hot Barre@ workout


Sculpt, Sweat, See the results

The manner in which you work out will determine the body shape you achieve.
AMY Hot Barre workout focuses on form, precision, and repetition.
The Hot Barre workout incorporates exercises done at a ballet barre blended with techniques of Ballet,Pilates, and yoga. The Barre is there to provide stability, balance, and support as you move through exercises that target the core, glutes, arms, and legs. A typical class takes place in a warm room (80-85 degrees).
The heat is serving to get your muscles warmed and limbered up faster for the thigh-work to follow.

Art montage yoga Hot Barre has a lot to offer to correct knees misalignment.
Check out our latest Blog articles. Hot Barre for knee rehabilitation.

Redesign your Mind/Body with AMY Hot Barre workout.

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