About us

Our mantra is : “everybody Can-Can”.  

ART MONTAGE YOGA is a rejuvenating and regenerating yoga.

Art Montage Yoga was created to detoxify the blood and internal organs, to enhance mental alertness, and to help reverse the degenerative process to live a longer and fulfilled life.

Annette Le Pavec , the Art Montage Yoga founder, has been teaching yoga for the past 10 years . She speaks fluently English, French and Spanish. She is well known for her keen understanding on how the body works and her ability to develop empowering and creative yoga sequences.

Annette has been trained from a young age in Ballet and later in Yoga under prominent masters, among whom are Maurice Bejart, Solange Golovine and yoga Master Lex Gillian and Robert Boustany.

Art Montage Yoga is exploring Balance under all forms: Physics, energetics, mental and emotional.


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We are located at the Great Southwest Equestrian Center.
2501 S Mason Rd Suite 240 Katy TX 77450
Tel: (855) 666-8243
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