24 day yoga immersion (Jan 7 – 30-2018 )

24 DAYS YOGA IMMERSION: January 7 Th through January 30 Th, 2018.


Do something that leaves you more energized than ever.
Something that liberates you from your pain, frees you from your limitations and inspires you to do something good for yourself everyday
Sleep better be stronger feel more powerful in your life.
Join a supportive Community taught by confident experienced teachers

It’s time you got on board with the 24 Day Yoga Immersion.

What is a 24 Day Yoga Immersion?
The 24 day Yoga Immersion is 24 day dedication to committing to your practice and nutrition. Getting back in touch with practice and eating right for maximum results. To really propel you to your goals, the 24 day Yoga Immersion also comes with 4 workshops that will help you to make advances in your body and practice.

Each of the workshop will dig deep into your ankle, knee, hip shoulder restrictions and start to develop your upper body strength and invert regularly so that you get true strength that develops a chiseled yoga body. ( check Frequent Q&A below)

-4 specific workshops Sundays at 10 am (Jan 7-14-21 & 28)that will challenge your body in new ways so that you will improve in ways that the a regular class do not offer. You will go through 4 specific NEW sequences which will open up your body on a deeper level.
-Unlimited yoga classes for 24 days so that you can practice what you have been learning during the workshop and get yourself into a good workout routine.

Week 1: Hips and Shoulders
The first week’s workshop will focus on going deep into your Hip, knee and Shoulder tension and remove the restriction from the Hips and Shoulders.

Week 2: Backbends and the Core
Next we go back to the spine in week 2 for Back Bends and Core. You will begin to fine tune your opening of your rib cage and neck. Here is where we also will begin to strengthen up your core on a deeper level.

Week 3: Squat rehab
We as human have lost the natural ability to squat correctly. To truly fix mobility issue, you need to rehab your squat. This week is about using primal movements again. Learn to move, crawl and invert in this simple but challenging series.

Week 4: Twists & Forward Bends
How to get safer and deeper in twisting postures that create a “wringing” effect on the abdominal organs.
Combine the actions of various muscles in Forward bends to gain flexibility and reset tendons length.

Space is limited and is on a first come first serve basis. Don’t wait, get on board now!

PRE SALE :$130  ( Dec 5- Dec 20- 2017)

$180  ( After Dec 20-2017)

Purchase NOW.

Frequent Q&A

Q1-I am a Beginner, i am out of shape etc..Is it ok to attend the 24 Day yoga immersion Program

A-Yes!! Absolutely Yes. Program is a wonderful opportunity to not only  get back on track but to rebuilt your energy and your overall health.  In our late 20’s -30’s , body starts to close, internal functioning process slows down. Practicing yoga allows you to take your health in your hand. Yoga postures have a re curative potential. You can heal without being cured.

Q2-Do I need to come every Day?

A-Not necessarly. Life happens and we understand. However we encourage you to practice every day, even for 10 minutes at home. Sitting in a quiet place and paying attention to your breath counts as a practice.

Q3-I cannot attend all the 4 workshops on Sundays. is it ok?

A-Each workshop serves a specific purpose. Let the teacher knows if you already know what workshop you’ll going to miss. Teacher will email you back the detailed sequence so you can practice at home.

Q-4 I don’t see many classes on the schedule?
A-In January we will be back on our regular schedule. You would have many options to practice all the wonderful yoga styles we have to offer at Art Montage Yoga.

PS: Pricing will rise up after December 20. Don’t miss it!


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