21 DAYS to ZEN.1

Use this 21 Day Kickstart to lose inches, eliminate chronic pain and get more flexible…

Here’s what you will get

  • 21 days of unlimited yoga classes so that you get enough time to see real change.
  •  Art Montage Yoga  5 week transformation plan so that you have a plan that will tell you exactly how many times each week to do yoga and when to rest.
  •  A free customized assessment in person with a knowledgeable yoga teacher so that you learn exactly what you need to practice to get free of pain and what lifestyle habits you need to change.

 Over the course of your time with us we are going to show you how to do yoga so that you get rapid results (whatever you results you are seeking), what you need to do in your eating and lifestyle habits and how to maintain the habits for the long term.

Who will this work for?

ART MONTAGE YOGA is a rejuvenating and regenerating yoga.Art Montage Yoga was created to detoxify the blood and internal organs, to enhance mental alertness, and to help reverse the degenerative process to live a longer and fulfilled life.

Our programs will work for anyone who wants to see deep change in their body and willing to commit to the process.

We do specialize in those who are just getting started and people with chronic pain issues, but our programs are good for all.

If you want to make change because you are frustrated with where you are right now, then this is for you.

The biggest reason have a hard time getting started is usually because they are intimated that a classes will be full of super bendy people and they are not very flexible.

NOT TO WORRY!! We will help you out and everyone at our studio was just like you when they began.

When they just took the step, it led to really great things and everyone here understands it is little scary at first. We all are here to support you.

By the end of the program you will be able to:

  •  See noticeable weight loss
  •  Increase over all flexibility
  •  Improve sleep patterns
  •  Propel over all health
  •  Destroy stress
  •  Ease chronic pain
  •  Develop the habits to keep your results in the long term

Does this excite you?

If so, then you are ready to get started.

You have 2 choices, do nothing and you will get no results

Or you can click on the button below to get started to take advantage of our 21 Day To Zen Programs we designed for our new clients.

FIRST 10 clients  6 left  $85.00!

What’s the catch?

Well we only have 10 spaces total this month as we limit our class sizes to insure quality instruction and personal attention.

We want your program to be the most powerful experience you can get with as much value as possible so we make sure to keep our group small so that it’s all about you.

Here is what to do next:

Go below and click on the get started now button. Purchase the offer online and then make an appointment for your first session right away.

Don’t wait to do this otherwise you stay in the bad space you are in right now that lead you to read all this.

Take the first step now.


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