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 “everybody Can-Can”

At  Art montage yoga  we strongly  believe that doing yoga creates originators- people who believe in themselves, in their ability to find their own path and create their own best lives!

We know that because we’ve been witnessing amazing transformations over the course of the years at the studio.
People have called Art Montage yoga  the hidden jewel of the Katy yoga community. We know your name , we see you, hear you and understand you. We strive to teach yoga  that meet your deepest physical / emotional/spiritual/ mental needs.
At Art Montage yoga we meet you where you are. So wherever you are when you start it does not matter.
With a regular practice, supportive teachers , and community, your pain and life will change!

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  • AMY @Hot Barre workout

    AMY@HOT BARRE Low-Impact Barre Workout for High-Impact results. You will LOVE this class! Not only because the class will shape your body but because it will make you feel lovely ...


“Balance in the dark”.

“Balance in the dark”. By Annette Le Pavec What happens when you practice yoga in the dark or with your eyes closed? How does it affect your practice and why? The nervous system has to answer one crucial question: “where is my body”? Many of us are so good at using our eyes to collect […]

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core buena

Hot Barre Strength : The power to balance

Less Brawn; more Brain. By Annette Le Pavec AMY Hot Barre is a complete and unique workout. His success comes from an harmonious and adequate blend of Ballet technique ;Pilates and yoga. A set of selective yoga postures act as counterpose, conditioning the body for the tight work coming next. The sequences performed at the […]

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Hot Yoga Boo Camp new

HOT YOGA BOOT CAMP 2016/ kick off January 31 2016!

HOTYOGA BOOT CAMP 2016!! January 31-2016 February 14-2016 Get ready to shed those unwanted pounds, get a flatter tummy, become more fit and have more energy then ever before. Annette Le Pavec is the creator of the Art Montage Hot Yoga Boot Camp ” I wanted to add extra challenge, extra fun ,and a major […]

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How Has Hot Yoga Benefited YOU?

Hot hatha yoga classes at Art Montage yoga have improved my mood, corrected my posture, toned my body, and dramatically reduced my chronic lower back pain. The overall health benefits have me absolutely hooked on hot yoga! I hope that my statement is helpful – It’s true! Kristin ******************************** Practicing Hot Yoga has helped me […]

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