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 “everybody Can-Can”

At  Art montage yoga  we strongly  believe that doing yoga creates originators- people who believe in themselves, in their ability to find their own path and create their own best lives!

We know that because we’ve been witnessing amazing transformations over the course of the years at the studio.
People have called Art Montage yoga  the hidden jewel of the Katy yoga community. We know your name , we see you, hear you and understand you. We strive to teach yoga  that meet your deepest physical / emotional/spiritual/ mental needs.
At Art Montage yoga we meet you where you are. So wherever you are when you start it does not matter.
With a regular practice, supportive teachers , and community, your pain and life will change!

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  • Hot Barre@ workout

    @HOT BARRE Sculpt, Sweat, See the results The manner in which you work out will determine the body shape you achieve. AMY Hot Barre workout focuses on form, precision, and ...


“Smart” ass vs “dumb” ass

The following article by Kate Siber for Yoga Journal “Glute Anatomy to Improve Your Practice” lends some insight into the anatomy of our gluteus. Many of the Ballet positions and yoga postures performed in the Hot Barre® routine require you to flex and squeeze your butt muscles(this action helps you keep your balance during the […]

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Belly fat good

How to get a belly flat with Hot Yoga Boot Camp.

The belly is a prized area of the body for many men and women. When fat appears for various reasons, people are often led to exercise as a means to get rid of it. Spot reduction of problem areas doesn’t exist; if you only perform exercises that strengthen certain anatomical areas, you won’t reduce abdominal […]

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Happy Holiday’s Specials

Mother’s Day is right around the corner . Make her feel wonderful and get dramatic savings on the purchase of Gift Certificates! Don’t miss out! Follow these easy steps and get it now. 1- Select your Gift Card and click on the option(s). a) 4 week Series/ Hip and shoulder restorative at $55 Value $75 […]

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4 week series/ Hip and shoulder restorative

When? Wednesdays May 4- May 11- May 18- May 25- 2016 ( 7:45 pm-8-45pm) Our beginner class is great for freeing the spine making the body stronger, but the next step in developing your body is to remove the restriction from the Hips and Shoulders. Workshop focus on going deep into your Hip, knee and […]

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