• Teacher Training SPRING 2015

    Art Montage Yoga 200 hr Teacher Training Certification Course. March 20, 2015 – June 12, 2015 TIMES: Friday : 5:30 pm-9 pm Saturday : 10 am – 5pm Location: Art ...

“Balance in the dark”.

“Balance in the dark”. By Annette Le Pavec What happens when you practice yoga in the dark or with your eyes closed? How does it affect your practice and why? The nervous system has to answer one crucial question: “where is my body”? Many of us are so good at using our eyes to collect […]

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Low-Impact Barre Workout for High-Impact results. Art Montage yoga is known for its nurturing yoga, high quality teaching, and AMY Hot Barre is no exception. At Art Montage yoga ,we favor quality over quantity and we are committed to teach to small groups. AMY Hot Barre workout AMY@ Hot Barre workout is Art Montage yoga […]

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The Five Koshas “Part I”

Swami Satyananda Saraswati Satsang in Toulon, France, June 1984 In philosophy, the body, mind and spirit are understood as one continuity, but in fact eastern and western thought were never in agreement with each other. Western philosophy originated from Greece while eastern philosophy originated in India. Greek philosophers in general and western philosophers in particular […]

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“One’ must cultivate one”s own garden”

“One’ must cultivate one”s own garden” By Annette LP These are Voltaire’s words at the end of “Candide”, a philosophical tale published in 1759 and widely translated. The phrase is an intentionally enigmatic formula. It is used for quite a spectrum of meanings, from following one’s true passion of life, to giving oneself time away […]

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