• Hot YogaDanze 6 week Challenge

    Hot YogaDanze 6 week challenge. Tuesdays , Sept 30th to Nov 4th from 9:00 am to 10:00 am. Requirements: Open mind and open heart. Secure your spot! $65 before Sept ...

The sound of silence.

Once upon a Voice… Meditation for everybody. By Annette le pavec After reaching the peak  and just before crashing into shore, a huge wave remains in suspension . The tension builds up ,  the  familiar sounds of the comings and goings  of the ocean have been  interrupted by the sound of silence, a profound and […]

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Benefits of Yoga for Runners

The Benefits of Hot Yoga for Runners BENEFITS:   Stamina Strength Speed Stride Flexibility Body Alignment Balance Overall Health   Hot Yoga’s benefits for runners are extraordinary! If you want every race and every workout to count just check out all the ways hot yoga can improve your performance. Hot Yoga is a self massage […]

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Airplane and car yoga

Going on a long road trip or airplane ride this summer? Here are some adapted postures from matadornetwork.com to help release tension from your spine, stretch your legs, increase your circulation, let go of tightness in the upper and lower back, and keep you limber…all while wearing a seat belt! They can also be used in any […]

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How Has Hot Yoga Benefited YOU? for Art Montage yoga members

March 28, 2014 Hot hatha yoga classes at Art Montage yoga have improved my mood, corrected my posture, toned my body, and dramatically reduced my chronic lower back pain. The overall health benefits have me absolutely hooked on hot yoga! I hope that my statement is helpful – It’s true! Kristin March 31,2014 ******************************** Practicing […]

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