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 “everybody Can-Can”

At Art montage yoga  we strongly  believe that doing yoga creates originators- people who believe in themselves, in their ability to find their own path and create their own best lives.

We know that because we’ve been witnessing amazing transformations over the course of the years .
People have called Art Montage yoga  the hidden jewel of the Katy yoga community. We know your name , we see you, hear you and understand you. We strive to teach yoga that meet your deepest physical / emotional/spiritual/ mental needs.
At Art Montage yoga we meet you where you are. So wherever you are when you start it does not matter.
With a regular practice, supportive teachers , and community, your pain and life will change!

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  • Hot Barre@ workout

    @HOT BARRE Sculpt, Sweat, See the results The manner in which you work out will determine the body shape you achieve. AMY Hot Barre workout focuses on form, precision, and ...


Art Montage Yoga Beginners

Wednesdays at 5:30 pm For all those new to yoga or new to Art montage yoga . Learn fundamental classical Hatha postures , breathing exercises and alignment principles that will enable a safe and effective beginning of Hot hatha yoga practice. Expect detailed instruction and adjustments. Leave class having discovered new ways to activate muscles […]

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Glute anatomy to improve your practice

Of course we all want that great looking “yoga butt”, but strengthening your glutes by flexing and squeezing them during yoga can have more of an impact on your body than just appearances. Many of the postures in the Hot Hatha Yoga series put emphasis on stretching the glutes and the surrounding muscles, or involve […]

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“Don’t attach”

In searching for some information on non-attachment and letting of the things that no longer serve us, I came across this blog (below) from a Hot Yoga studio in Manhattan. Just as they describe not attaching to difficulty or pain in postures, we can practice not attaching to things that don’t serve us in our […]

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5 Steps to Safer Backbends

5 Steps to Safer Backbends. Do you tuck your tailbone in backbending poses? Here’s a smarter way to keep your back safe—and get a deeper opening. The following is from Doug Keller on yogainternational.com. It would be hard to imagine yoga without backbends—they’re invigorating, uplifting, and heart-opening. Backbends stimulate the proper functioning of the digestive […]

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